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Xender is a popular app in wolrd with No.1 file-sharing and content transfer app that has become one of the top apps in its category globally.

In this page Download Xender APK Latest Version for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Xender is transfer fast speeds with multi-platform functionality, and no data charges, it’s easy to see why Xender has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Xender, including key features, installation and usage, as well as pros and cons.

What is Xender App

Xender is a free app that allows easy, quick sharing of photos, videos, music, documents, and other files between different devices. It uses WiFi hotspot or Bluetooth to transfer content locally between devices without using mobile data.

Some key things to know about Xender:

  • Cross-platform – Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Can transfer between any devices.
  • No data usage – Transfers files using WiFi or Bluetooth, so no mobile data is consumed.
  • Fast transfers – Files move at up to 40Mbps between devices via hotspots. Much faster than Bluetooth.
  • Simple UI – Clean and intuitive interface makes transferring files easy.
  • Multi-transfer – Share multiple files and folders at once.
  • Offline sharing – Send files to nearby devices without needing internet connection.

Xender APK Latest Version Download 2024

The latest version of Xender in 2024 introduces several new features and improvements. Xender APK v5.0 brings a refreshed user interface with simpler navigation and visual updates.

App NameXender App
Size23.15 MB
DeveloperXender Team
Requires5.0 & Up
Latest Update1 Hour Ago

Here are Xender App Download Link:

This makes sharing files between devices even easier. Version 5.0 also includes faster transfer speeds, now moving files at up to 50MB/s between two devices connected via Xender’s WiFi Direct. For added convenience, the new update enables users to directly share files from cloud storage services like Google Drive, right within Xender. Additional smaller tweaks in v5.0 enhance overall stability and fix minor bugs reported in the previous version.

In summary, the latest 2024 update to the Xender APK brings welcome UI changes, faster transfer speeds, and more robust cloud file sharing capabilities. With over millions of users, Xender continues adding useful functionality in v5.0 while retaining the core file sharing convenience that made it popular globally.

Xender App – Features

Here are the standout features that make Xender a top file sharing app:

Cross-Platform Transfer:

Xender allows seamless file transfer between Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even older Nokia phones. You can send files between any devices regardless of different operating systems.

Offline Sharing:

Xender creates a local WiFi hotspot between devices to share files without needing internet. This allows transfers in areas with no connections.

Fast Transfer Speeds:

Transfer files up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth through the local hotspots. Xender moves large files and multiple files much quicker than standard Bluetooth.

Zero Data Consumption:

With transfers happening through WiFi hotspot, Xender does not use any cellular data. This allows free file sharing even without data plans.

Simple Intuitive Interface:

The clean UI makes it extremely easy to find files on your device and select them for transfer. Recipients can also quickly access received files.

No Size Limits:

There are no annoying file size restrictions. You can transfer huge files like full movies without issue.

Why Use Xender App?

Here are the key reasons to consider using the Xender app:

  • Share between any devices – Seamlessly transfer files between different devices regardless of OS or platform.
  • Faster than Bluetooth – WiFi transfer is much quicker than slow Bluetooth.
  • No mobile data used – Saves cellular data costs by transferring via WiFi instead.
  • Simple UI – Easy intuitive interface makes file sharing a breeze.
  • No size restrictions – Send huge files and multiples files easily.
  • Offline sharing – Transfer files even without internet access.
  • Ad-free experience – Enjoy no disruptive ads while using Xender.

For quick, unlimited, offline file sharing between all devices, Xender is the top choice.

Why People Use Xender

There are several key reasons for Xender’s massive popularity globally:

  • Connectivity issues – Provides an easy way to share files when internet connections are sparse.
  • Avoid using mobile data – Allows transferring files without eating up costly cellular data.
  • Slow internet speeds – Offline transfers are much faster than relying on slow internet.
  • Limited access to cloud storage – Provides alternative to cloud drives which may be blocked or unavailable.
  • Easy offline backups – Helps create backups of photos/videos from phone when internet isn’t available.
  • No cables required – More convenient than using wires for file transfers.
  • poor Bluetooth performance – WiFi transfers much faster than laggy Bluetooth.

For regions where internet is limited, heavily censored, or expensive, Xender gives a simple way to share files offline through hotspots.

How to Download and Install Xender

Downloading Xender is quick and simple:

On Android

  1. Open the UC Browser and go to the website Xenders.pro.
  2. Search for “Xender”.
  3. Tap “Install” next to the Xender listing.
  4. Once installed, open Xender.
  5. Enable any required permissions or access.
  6. Xender is now ready to use on your Android device.

On iPhone and iPad

  1. Open website in Safari browser – Xenders.pro.
  2. Search for “Xender”.
  3. Tap “Get” next to the Xender app.
  4. After downloading, open Xender.
  5. Allow notifications and access if prompted.
  6. You can now use Xender on your iOS device.

On Windows PC

  1. Go to Xenders.pro
  2. Click “Download for PC”.
  3. Save the installation file when prompted.
  4. Once downloaded, run the Xender setup file.
  5. Follow the installation wizard steps.
  6. Launch Xender from your apps and it’s ready for use.

On Mac

  1. Visit Xenders.pro.
  2. Click “Download for Mac”.
  3. Open the downloaded .dmg installer file.
  4. Drag the Xender app icon into Applications.
  5. Launch Xender from your apps. It’s now ready to use.

Follow the simple steps to get Xender installed on your device and start enjoying quick, easy file sharing.

Is Xender Available for PC?

Yes, Xender does have a PC version available for Windows computers. The Xender website offers a free download of the Windows application so you can install it directly on a laptop or desktop PC.

The Xender for PC app has the same functions as the mobile version, allowing you to transfer files between your computer and mobile devices. The transfers occur over the local WiFi hotspot connection.

There is no native app for Mac OS, but you can access Xender on a Mac by using the web version from the Xender website. This provides access to the core file transfer features right within a browser window.

So Windows users can enjoy the full app experience with Xender for PC, while Mac users have the web option for cross-platform transfers.

The Pros and Cons of Xender

Xender has several great benefits but also some downsides to consider:


  • Easy wireless sharing between all devices.
  • No mobile data required for transfers.
  • Much faster transfer speeds versus Bluetooth.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • No limits on file sizes.
  • Share offline without internet access.
  • Ad-free, hassle-free experience.
  • Completely free to download and use.


  • App can be slow or buggy at times.
  • Set up requires WiFi and Bluetooth access.
  • File sharing limited to physical proximity.
  • Some privacy concerns around app permissions.
  • No cloud storage features.
  • Lack of customer support channels.
  • Too many popup notifications.

For quick close-range wireless transfers, Xender delivers an excellent solution. But technical issues can arise and the experience isn’t as refined as paid apps. Lack of cloud access also limits versatility somewhat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xender

Here are some commonly asked questions about Xender:

Is Xender safe to use?

Xender uses standard security protocols for transfers and does not access user data. Many users report safely sharing personal files. However, granting app permissions could present some privacy risks.

Can I use Xender on iPhone?

Yes, Xender has a free app available for download from the iOS App Store. It works the same as the Android version.

Does Xender work on Windows?

Yes, Xender has an app for Windows PCs and laptops available on their website. This allows direct file transfers between computers and mobile devices.

Does Xender require internet?

No, Xender creates a local WiFi connection between devices so it can transfer files without internet access. However, internet is required for initial app download and setup.

Is Xender legal to use?

Xender does not explicitly facilitate piracy or illegal file transfers. Users are responsible for ensuring they have rights to any content shared via Xender.

How many devices can connect with Xender?

Up to 5 devices can be connected at once to share files using Xender’s multi-sharing capability.


With super fast local transfers, multi-platform flexibility, and no mobile data usage, it’s easy to see why Xender has become a hugely popular file sharing app. For quick offline file sending between phones and computers, Xender delivers an efficient wireless solution. While the interface could be more refined and advanced cloud services would be nice, the core functions work very reliably. For basic wireless file sharing needs, especially in regions with unstable internet, Xender is one of the top apps

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