UC Browser APK Download [UPDATED] For Android 2024


UC Browser App has become one of the most popular mobile browsers globally, with over 500 million downloads.

This full guide covers everything you need to know about UC Browser Latest Version Download, including its key features, installation process, and How to Download UC Browser Latest APK, pros and cons.

UC Browser is a popular mobile web browser developed by UCWeb, a Chinese company owned by Alibaba. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and other mobile platforms. UC Browser is known for its fast page loading speeds, even on slower 2G connections, due to its data compression technology.

It also features bandwidth-saving options like Turbo mode to reduce data usage while browsing.

Additionally, UC Browser lets users easily download videos, documents, and other files from web pages for offline access later. This is especially helpful in regions with limited internet connectivity.

What is UC Browser

UC Browser is a fast, customizable web browser developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Java phones.

Some key things to know about UC Browser:

  • Speed: Uses cloud acceleration and compression technology for fast page loading.
  • Ad Block: Blocks annoying ads for smoother browsing.
  • Night Mode: Adjusts brightness and contrast for comfortable nighttime use.
  • Data Saving: Compresses data usage by up to 50% with UC Browser Turbo mode.
  • Media Downloads: Download videos, music, images and documents directly from web pages.
  • Security: Protects against malware and malicious websites.
  • Customization: Personalize with different themes, fonts, startup screens and more.

UC Browser APK Latest Version Download 2024

UC Browser has proven itself as an efficient and customizable browser option for mobile users who want speed, data savings, and useful tools like simplified media downloading.

NameUC Browser
Latest Version13.6.5.1317
Updated On1 Hour Ago
Size70.11 MB
Total Downloads1,000,000,000+
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
DeveloperUCWeb Inc.

Its popularity across Asia and other emerging markets shows UC Browser’s ability to meet the needs of diverse mobile browser users globally.

Features – UC Browser

Let’s look at some of the standout features that make UC Browser a top mobile browser choice:

Lightning-Fast Page Loading:

UC Browser uses advanced compression technology to reduce data loading and acceleration to speed up page loads. This results in pages loading up to 2x faster than Chrome or Safari on mobile devices.

Ad Blocking:

The built-in ad blocking immediately hides annoying and data-wasting ads for faster browsing. This also helps minimize data usage.

Data Saving & Compression:

UC Browser Turbo mode compresses data by up to 50%, which helps pages use less data. This saves money on data plans and allows sites to load faster.

Night Mode Browsing:

Adjust screen brightness, text size, and contrast for comfortable viewing in low light. Night mode strains your eyes less for browsing at night.

Media Downloading:

Download videos, music files, images, and documents directly from web pages to save for offline use later. This allows accessing content without an internet connection.

Secure Browsing:

Protection from fraudulent sites, malware injections, and other threats. Ensures secure connections for safe browsing.

Customizable Experience:

Make UC Browser your own with different themes, startup screens, fonts, and other settings. Customize the look and feel to your liking.

Why Use UC Browser?

Here are some of the top reasons UC Browser is an excellent choice for mobile web browsing:

  • Blazing fast speed – Pages load incredibly fast thanks to compression and acceleration technology.
  • Data saving – UC Browser Turbo mode compresses data usage by up to 50% to save data costs.
  • Ad blocking – Eliminates annoying, data-heavy ads from websites for faster loading.
  • Night browsing – Adjustable night mode makes using UC Browser easier on your eyes in the dark.
  • Media downloading – Download videos, music, docs and more directly from pages for offline access.
  • Multi-platform availability – Use your customized UC Browser experience across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and more.
  • Security – Protection from malicious sites and malware makes browsing safer.

For fast, customizable browsing with great data savings across devices, the UC Browser is a top choice. The ad blocking and download features make it particularly versatile.

Why Do People Use UC Browser?

There are several key reasons people in emerging markets have made UC Browser their browser of choice:

  • Data compression – UC Browser’s strong compression helps minimize expensive mobile data usage. This makes it popular in regions with costly or limited data plans.
  • Slow connection speeds – UC Browser loads fast even on 2G networks. For regions still on slower connections, this improves web browsing.
  • Ad blocking – Prevalent ads eat up costly data. UC Browser’s ad blocking saves data usage.
  • Media downloading – Users can save videos, docs, and music directly from pages to view offline when internet access is limited.
  • Sharing – Integration with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp makes sharing content from the browser easy.
  • Customization – Users can fully customize UC Browser to their preferences with themes, fonts, speed dials and more.

For many users in Asia, the Middle East, and other emerging markets, UC Browser’s compression, speed, ad blocking, downloading, and customization give them the best overall mobile browsing experience.

How to Download and Install UC Browser

Downloading UC Browser take just a few quick steps. Follow the instructions below for your device:

On Android

  1. Open Google Chrome & go to Google > UC Browser.
  2. Search for “UC Browser”.
  3. Tap “Install” next to the UC Browser listing.
  4. Once installed, open UC Browser.
  5. Enable any permissions or notifications if prompted.
  6. You can now start using UC Browser on your Android device.

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the Safari App.
  2. Search for “UC Browser”.
  3. Tap “Get” next to the UC Browser listing.
  4. After it downloads, open UC Browser.
  5. Follow the setup prompts and enable notifications if asked.
  6. UC Browser is now ready to use on your iOS device.

On Windows Phone

  1. Open the Chrome Browser app.
  2. Search for “UC Browser”.
  3. Select UC Browser and tap “Install”.
  4. Once it finishes, open the app.
  5. Grant any permissions requested.
  6. You can now browse the web with UC Browser.

Once installed, you can customize UC Browser to your liking and start enjoying fast, ad-free browsing with data savings. Sign in with your UC account to sync bookmarks and settings across devices.

Is UC Browser Available for PC?

There is no native Windows or Mac application of UC Browser for desktop. However, you can still use UC Browser on a PC in a couple different ways:

  • Via emulator – Install an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your computer, then install the Android version of UC Browser through the emulator. This allows full access to the mobile version on desktop.
  • UC Browser Mini – UCWeb does offer the lightweight UC Browser Mini web app at Ucbrowser.in. This provides the essential UC Browser features directly in desktop web browsers.

So while a full native app doesn’t exist, emulator options like BlueStacks allow PC users to enjoy the real mobile experience. UC Browser Mini also offers a streamlined alternative for Windows and Mac.

The Pros and Cons of UC Browser

UC Browser has several excellent advantages but also some downsides to evaluate:


  • Much faster page loading than Chrome or Safari
  • Save up to 50% of browsing data with compression
  • Blocks annoying and data-heavy ads
  • Comfortable nighttime use with dark mode
  • Download media from web pages for offline access
  • Highly customizable appearance and features
  • Offers great security against malicious sites
  • Seamlessly syncs browsing data across devices


  • Contains some bundled apps that can’t be removed
  • No desktop browser version for Windows or Mac
  • Limited VPN functionality
  • Certain niche features may not work outside Asia
  • Some users report occasional app crashes or bugs
  • Less frequent browser updates compared to competitors

In regions with expensive data or slower connections, UC Browser provides a much better overall mobile browsing experience versus other options. But the software does have some downsides like bloatware apps, fewer updates, and limited desktop support.

FAQ – UC Browser

Here are answers to some common questions people have about UC Browser:

Is UC Browser safe to use?

Yes, UC Browser uses standard encryption protocols to protect data transmission and blocks malicious sites. It is generally safe for browsing when using typical security precautions on Android and iOS.

Does UC Browser work outside Asia?

UC Browser is designed to work globally on most modern smartphones, with all the main features functional worldwide. But certain niche features optimized for Asian markets may not work as well in other regions.

Can I download YouTube videos with UC Browser?

Yes, UC Browser lets you download YouTube videos directly from the website for offline viewing later, even in the background. Other video sites are also supported.

Is there a data limit for UC Turbo compression?

No, UC Browser Turbo works across all data connections. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be compressed, so you save data usage on both small and large data plans.

What is the difference between UC Browser and UC Browser Mini?

UC Browser is a full-featured mobile browser for Android, iOS, etc. UC Browser Mini is a more lightweight web app version meant for desktop browsers, with limited features.


UC Browser offers one of the fastest, most data-saving, and customizable mobile browsing experiences available today. Key benefits like Turbo compression, ad blocking, media downloading, and Android/iOS syncing make it easy to see why UC Browser is so popular. While it lacks some features of top

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