How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote Simple Guide

Hey, Voltas air conditioner users are you facing a problem ac remote not working and lock Voltas AC Remote issue we can givings you a method How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote it easily.

Voltas air conditioners are popular AC units found in many Indian homes. The remote control allows you to easily control temperature, fan speed, and other settings on your Voltas AC. But what if the remote gets locked or unresponsive? Don’t worry, unlocking a Voltas AC remote is straightforward when you know how.

Hey, I am Deepak this article will walk you through the simple process of unlocking your Voltas air conditioner remote control in just a few minutes.

How Does a Voltas AC Remote Get Locked?

There are a couple of reasons your Voltas AC remote can become locked or unresponsive.

  • Accidental button press – If the lock button is pressed inadvertently, it will lock the remote. This is the most common reason remotes get locked.
  • Remote interference – Sometimes other gadgets can cause signal interference with the remote, temporarily causing it to not work properly.
  • Low batteries – Weak batteries can also lead to remote controls becoming unresponsive.

But in most cases, a locked Voltas AC remote just means the lock function was accidentally enabled, and you simply need to unlock it.

How to Tell if Your Voltas Remote is Locked

It’s easy to identify a locked remote control. When your Voltas AC remote is locked.

  • Pressing buttons will have no effect on the air conditioner.
  • You may notice a lock indicator illuminated on the remote’s display screen.
  • The AC will not respond to the remote, but will still function normally otherwise.

If your Voltas remote isn’t changing any settings on your AC, it likely just needs to be unlocked.

Unlock Voltas AC Remote

Don’t worry, unlocking your remote is a very quick and simple process…

Step 1: Locate the Unlock Button

The first step is finding the unlock button on your Voltas remote.

  • It is usually labelled with an ‘unlock’ icon or words.
  • On most models, it is located in the lower right corner of the remote.
  • The button is very small and recessed to prevent accidental presses.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Unlock Button

Once you’ve located the unlock button, press and hold it for 3-5 seconds.

You may need to use a paper clip or pin to access the recessed button. Just hold it down continuously.

Step 3: Try Buttons to Confirm Unlocked

After holding the unlock button, try pressing other buttons on the remote – like temperature or mode.

If your AC responds, the remote has been successfully unlocked!

In some cases, you may need to press unlock a second time or change the batteries. But your remote should now be functional again.

Tips to Prevent Locking Again

Now that you’ve unlocked your remote, here are some tips to avoid it becoming locked unintentionally again:

  • Be careful not to press the lock button accidentally. Consider putting tape over it if needed.
  • Reduce remote interference by keeping it away from other gadgets when not in use.
  • Replace the batteries regularly to avoid malfunctions from weak batteries.
  • Familiarize yourself with the lock button’s location so you can quickly unlock it if needed.
  • Show family members how to unlock the remote as well in case it gets locked again.

What If Unlocking Doesn’t Work?

In most cases, simply locating and holding the unlock button will get your Voltas AC remote working again in seconds. But if you’re still having issues, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Try replacing the remote batteries with new ones. Weak batteries can prevent unlocking.
  • Press and hold the unlock button for 10-15 seconds to ensure it registered the command.
  • Double check you are pressing the correct button – it is usually tiny and recessed on the back of the remote.
  • Make sure the remote has a direct line of sight to the AC unit and is close by during unlocking.
  • Consult your Voltas AC user manual for any model-specific unlocking instructions.
  • As a last resort, you may need to get the remote replaced by an AC technician.

When to Call for Service

If your Voltas AC remote is still unresponsive after new batteries and repeatedly trying the unlock button, it likely requires professional service. Contact an AC repair technician if.

  • The unlock button does not seem to exist on your remote model.
  • Pressing unlock has absolutely no effect on the remote functionality.
  • You’ve ruled out interference, battery issues, and accidentally locking it.

While a locked remote is normally an easy DIY fix, some underlying electrical or hardware issues may require a technician’s expertise.

Enjoy Easy AC Control Again

With this simple unlocking process, you can get your Voltas AC remote functioning again in no time. Just locate the tiny unlock button, press and hold, and your remote should regain full control of your AC once more.

Bookmark this guide so you can quickly unlock your remote if it ever gets locked again in the future. Share it with family too so everyone knows how to regain control of the AC.

A locked remote control is frustrating but easily fixable. With just a click of the unlock button, you can go back to easily managing the temperature, fan speed, and other settings on your Voltas AC unit.


Where is the unlock button located on my Voltas remote?

It’s usually a very small recessed button in the lower right corner on the back of the remote.

How long do I need to hold the unlock button?

Hold the unlock button continuously for 3-5 seconds for it to register and unlock the remote.

Why did my Voltas AC remote get locked suddenly?

Most commonly, the lock button was accidentally pressed, enabling the lock function. Interference or low batteries can also cause it.

My remote is still locked after pressing unlock – what should I do?

Try new batteries, hold the button longer, move closer to the AC unit, and double-check you have the right button.

What if unlocking the remote doesn’t work?

You may need professional service if new batteries, interference, and repeatedly pressing unlock fails to work.


In summary, a locked Voltas AC remote is usually an easy fix by locating and holding the hidden unlock button for a few seconds.

This will deactivate the lock function so you can control your AC unit again. Prevent relocking by being careful around the unlock button, reducing interference, and maintaining good batteries.

While a locked remote is normally a simple DIY troubleshooting situation, call for professional service if you’ve tried all steps with no success.

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