How To Find Sim Number of Airtel Jio VI BSNL

You have a SIM card from a telecom company like Airtel – Jio – VI – BSNL, and you also use many SIM cards; in such a situation, you do not remember all your SIM numbers but do not worry, How To Find Sim Number of Airtel Jio VI BSNL we are giving you the easy solution.

Nowadays, everyone has more than one smartphone device, and they have a sim card from a telecom company like Airtel – Jio – VI – BSNL, and they do not know What sim card number.

Hello Guys, my name is Deepak; it is very difficult to remember the sim number in this situation; I told you how to get your mobile number.

How to Find Any Sim Card Number?

It is easy to know the number of any sim card, and you can get your sim card number from your mobile in 5 minutes.

The SIM card number is accessible by USSD code, which every telecom company provides.

Through the USSD code is easy to Find Any Sim Card Number. We have provided a USSD code list of each and every telecom company.

So let’s start…

How to get an Airtel Sim Number – By USSD

Airtel is an ancient and renowned telecom company in India, and if you use Airtel SIM cards, you know about them.

The USSD code method applies to all devices, even if you have a mobile keypad. Also, you can know the sim card number through the USSD code.

You have to dial the USSD code inside the call dialer.

Here is a list of all Airtel USSD Codes…

  • *282#
  • *140*1600#
  • *121*9#
  • *140*175#
  • *400*2*1*10#
  • *141*123#
  • *1#

The Airtel number check USSD Code above can verify Airtel sim numbers in all states

How to get a VI Sim Number – By USSD

As we all know, Vodafone and Idea are telecom companies; although both are now the same, Vodafone and Idea are now called VI.

Vi network is provided all over India, and you can also know the number of your Vi sim using the USSD code.

Vodafone Ussd Code list…

  • *777*0#
  • *555#
  • *555*0#
  • *111*2#
  • *131*0#

Idea (VI) Ussd Code list…

  • *1#
  • *100#
  • *789#
  • *147*8*2#
  • *147*1*3#
  • *147*2*4#
  • *131#
  • *131*1#
  • *125*9#
  • *616*6#
  • *125*9#
  • *147#

BSNL Sim Number Check – USSD Code

The USSD Code for BSNL Sim allows you to check your balance, check recharge validity, and access other services provided by BSNL.

  • *222#
  • *99#
  • *1#

BSNL’s name is also included in the list of telecom companies. BSNL is India’s largest telecom service provider network. It is under Indian government ownership and provides various telecom services, including landline and broadband internet.

How to Find Any Sim Number by USSD Code
Check Sim Number by USSD Code

You probably do not know that this is India’s largest telecom market, with more than 100 million customers connected. This is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in India.

Find Jio Sim Number By USSD Code

Everyone knows about Jio in India. Jio became popular recently; Jio is an excellent telecom private company, Jio first spread 4G in India, and now it has become popular in India.

If you use Jio sim, you must be well aware that Jio provides you with many digital services. It has many important brands such as Jio Saavn, Jio Cinema, Jio Money, Jio TV, Internet Fiber Landline, Mobile Internet, and Smartphones. It is also part of (RIL) Reliance Industries Limited’s service.

  • *1#
  • My Jio App

Jio provides many other options to see your number, like the My Jio app. You can see your number in that too.


How To Know Airtel – Jio – VI – BSNL Sim Card Number? You will get its complete information in this post; If you face any problem, tell us in the comments below, and we will help you.

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